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Virginia CCW Reciprocity May Be At Risk!!!

You will lose the ability to conceal carry in many states if the Democrat gun-controllers in the Virginia General Assembly get their way!

First, the anti-rights crowd put in bills to make new AR-15s and similar guns illegal.  Then they put in a bill to make it illegal to carry your AR-15 in any area open to the public, including roads, anywhere in the state.

Now they want to take away your right to conceal carry in many other states by destroying Virginia’s permit recognition/reciprocity law!  HB 466, introduced by Delegate Helmer, no friend of gun owners, will do just that!

Here is the text of the bill:

This puts us back in the bad old days when the Attorney General could arbitrarily decide if another state’s laws were “close enough” to Virginia’s laws.  Back when Mark Herring was our Attorney General, he planned to abuse the hell out of that provision to drop 25 states from being recognized.

Gun owners put up such a roar back then that Herring was thrown under the bus and the General Assembly passed the law that we currently have, where Virginia honors the permits from all states.  That bill was signed by then Governor Terry McAuliffe.  (For some reason, AG Herring was a no-show at the signing of that bill.  Gee, I wonder why?)

Not all the news is bad.  There are good bills being introduced by some of the pro-rights legislators that we need to get passed into law.

Lobby Day is on January 15, next Monday.  We need you in the fight to stop these bad bills, and the other bad bills yet to come this week and next!  Numbers and determination matter.

For information on buses, parking, carrying, etc., click here:

The Lobby Day Rally at the Bell Tower in Capitol Square is from 10am to 11am.

Update:  If you have a pepper ball launcher, that can be carried inside Capitol Square at the rally, but NOT in the General Assembly Building or the Capitol Building.  You can also do an “empty holster” protest at the rally and in the buildings.

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