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"No charge" short informational addresses for clubs and groups


If you would like to set up a class for a group of 15 or more, your training will be FREE!

Live fire on the range for: Individual(s); "Women only"; Families; Companies; Clubs; Groups; and Youth(s).  (Minors MUST be with parent(s)
Church and business Security Survey and Security Team Training
Surviving the Mass Shooter training & Active Shooter Presentation
Firearm safety for young people without live fire (with a parent or legal guardian)
Firearm safety for young people with live fire (with a parent or legal guardian)


Additional Classes/Services:

  • Top Ten Concealed Carry Mistakes

  • Home Security & Home Defense

  • Developing a Personal Protection Plan

  • Gun Shop & Range Etiquette

  • Gun Laws & You

  • Selecting the Right Firearm for You

  • Rifle/Shotgun Class

  • Realtor Safety

  • First Aid; Blood-borne Pathogens and other health safety classes for individuals, families and businesses

  • Short public service speeches at no charge regarding the importance of proper training for your business, club, or organization

  • Other classes/services as requested

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