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(Reprinted from the VCDL email sent 11-28-24-3)

Lobby Day is Monday, January 15! Yes, they are coming for our guns

The anti-gun Democrats have made it clear that infringing on our basic civil right to self-defense is going to be a priority for their 2024 legislative agenda. And the top of those infringements is a ban on both AR-15s and standard capacity magazines, as well as making Virginia’s red flag law even more egregious and dangerous for gun owners. They want to give local governments even more power to pass local gun-control, have a three-day waiting period to buy a gun, and all that is just for starters!

If you are a gun owner and want to help preserve our rights, it’s time to step up to the plate. We need minutemen, ready to send emails and to call legislators on short notice. We need patriots to show up on Lobby Day and stand shoulder-to-shoulder with other patriots to send a clear message that we are not in the mood for gun control. In fact, we want our right to keep and bear arms restored to its full glory as envisioned by our Founding Fathers.

The General Assembly’s gun-controllers banned guns at the Capitol and General Assembly to shut us up and to make sure we don’t have a Lobby Day anywhere near the size of the one in 2020. Are we going to let them win by staying home on Lobby Day or are we going to show up in numbers, determined to climb over every damned obstacle they throw at us to protect our rights and our future? Are we going to carry our own water or we going to leave it up to fate that someone else will carry our water for us?

Our mettle is being tested and we had best not come up wanting.

All eyes are going to be on Virginia. Much of the country is looking for leadership and guidance in dealing with the threat to our freedom, our American values, and our way of life. Will we show that leadership and provide that guidance? If we stand together, as a solid wall of determined and proud Americans who have no intention of backing down or giving up, we will.

More information on Lobby Day 2024 on Monday, January 15:

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