Your calls and emails are working, so keep calling and emailing and then FORWARD this email to others as you see fit!

House Bill 2276, the ban on 80% lowers and self made firearms has been passed over...but it will be back! It's the beginning of many attempts for gun control bills. The fight to Stop Simon's Gun Ban continues, but thanks to all of us working together, we have forced the gun grabbers to delay any action on it...but only until Wednesday. I cannot stress this point enough, it is only due to the voters of Virginia, calling and demanding that this is gun confiscation bill be stopped, that has forced this effort. But if you don't keep calling and emailing and having your friends to do so a well, it will pass. This is why it is vitally important that you keep calling, day after day, and then to email the following State Senators. A link has been provided for you to click on after their name and demand they vote against House Bill 2276, no matter how it is amended.

(Use your CTRL + CLICK to access the links)