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Here we go: AR-15 and magazine ban bills already introduced for the 2024 General Assembly session!

With the elections giving them control of both the House and the Senate, the gun-controllers in the General Assembly wasted no time in prefiling bills to ban both AR-15s and magazines that will hold more than ten rounds!

By making these the second bills in both the House and the Senate, the Democrats are signaling that gun control will be one of their primary objectives in 2024.

This is exactly what VCDL predicted if gun owners didn’t turn out in large numbers this year. Those of you who voted did your part to keep this from happening.

Lobby Day is on Monday, January 15. We strongly suggest that Lobby Day 2024 be a big event to send a loud and clear message that we oppose any and all gun control!

Lobby Day information can be found here:

The VCDL Legislative Tracker for 2024 will be active very soon.

Here are the two bills:

HB 2, introduced by Delegate Dan Helmer:

SB 2, introduced by Senator Creigh Deeds:

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