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What happens if you don't vote!!! (Courtesy VCDL)

A bunch of horrible gun-control bills were introduced today.  Take a deep breath and read on:

  • Make carry of an air gun on school property a felony

  • Take away gun rights for 5 years for a simple assault (a misdemeanor)

  • Require new and renewing CHP holders to be fingerprinted

  • Make it illegal for anyone under 21 to buy any kind of firearm – handguns, rifles, shotguns

  • Put a 5% tax on guns and ammunition to fund a “gun violence intervention program”

  • Require a 5-day waiting period on purchasing a firearm

  • NRA and USCCA instructors can no longer teach gun safety classes to get a CHP

  • NRA license plates will no longer be available. How petty and vindictive is that?

  • Prohibit concealed carry in restaurants that serve alcohol

  • Make “assault weapons” and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds both illegal if made after July 1 of this year

  • Make “assault weapon” possession illegal for anyone under the age of 21

  • Make legally owned (and very expensive) auto sears illegal

  • Ban carry in hospitals, emergency rooms, or other places that provide mental health or developmental services

  • Require a 3-day waiting period for purchasing a firearm

  • Make it illegal to carry an “assault weapon” in a public location, including even roads and sidewalks

  • Make unserialized guns, even those made before 1968, illegal

  • Take away a person’s gun rights for 5 years for a second offense of drunk driving

  • Take away the gun rights of a person living in the home with someone else who happens to be the subject of a red flag gun ban

  • And these are not all the gun-control bills!

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