WELCOME TO 2019!!!

Start the New Year out right with a Virginia or Utah CONCEALED CARRY CLASS. If it's been a while since your last CCW class, remember that laws change. Don't get caught without up to date information and quite possibly put yourself into a serious legal situation. Email us with any questions or special requests, or sign up for a class using our online registration! Thanks, and STAY SAFE!

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How to Combat the Fake Unity Call The way to combat anyone’s false narrative is several-fold: Start reading and learning about early American history. If Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson agreed


Do you like your 2A rights? ​We need everyone to show up! Cut and paste this link for information: https://vcdl.org/resources/Media/VCDL_LD2021_v2.mp4​

We ALL need to help - NOW!

The 2021 Legislative Session is already upon us, and our liberty and property is once again at risk. In both the 2020 General Session and the 2020 Special Session, we stopped the gun grabbers in their

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