CONGRATULATIONS to all who attended the rally in Richmond on Monday. With agitators attempting to start problems in the crowd of 22,000+ gun owners, not one succeeded that I know of. There is a RECALL PETITION going out to recall Northam. The VCDL web site, all gun shows, and it's likely most gun shops should have a sign up sheet. If your gun shop does not have one, ask them to get it ASAP. Approximately 410,000 registered voters are needed to recall, but with well over that number of CCW permit holders and firearms owners in VA, it IS attainable - IF we get to work!. Remember, only 32% of registered voters turned out for the last midterm election, so "we" did this to ourselves if you didn't vote. DO NOT MAKE THAT MISTAKE EVER AGAIN! Please feel free to share this with anyone that you feel can - and will - help out! Thank you and stay safe!

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