VOTE - VOTE - VOTE!!!!!!!

We NEED Ben Cline to Win Tomorrow!

Tomorrow is His Election, Now it’s up to You to Save America!

We're finally down to the last hours before tomorrow’s election.

FSTVA urges all supporters of the Second Amendment to cast their votes for Ben Cline, our friend and defender of American gun rights.

Cline wants to work as a representative in the 118th Congress to pass pro-gun legislation to better enable us to keep and bear arms, as well as work towards eliminating unconstitutional infringements on your rights.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen good or bad polls, the only poll that counts is the one you vote in.

We need a strong showing of gun owners across the country to demonstrate to both pro and anti-gun leaders that our rights shall not be infringed.

Right now, make a plan to vote TOMORROW and don't forget to get all your pro-gun friends and family to vote as well.

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