It is more important than ever that we VOTE and that we vote IN PERSON! Our very freedoms and country are truly at stake. Lots of politicians and candidates have said that this is "the most important election of our lifetime" - I'm sure you've heard it over the years too. But NEVER have we seen such diametrically opposed agendas with so much at stake. Never. We must re-elect President Donald Trump. We must vote for Daniel Gade and his record of service and send him to the US Senate. We must vote for pro-Constitution, pro-law enforcement, pro-America Congressional candidates here in Virginia. I don't have to explain to you that this year our very country hangs in the balance and for that reason I'm calling on you to vote IN PERSON this Fall.

Here in Virginia you can vote EARLY and IN PERSON or IN PERSON on Election Day. This process is called voting Absentee In Person which is not like the Mail in Ballots you are hearing so much about in the media and on social media. Early in Person voting starts 45 days before election day (that's NOW!) and continues through the Saturday before the election. You do not need a "reason" to vote early for the first time ever here in Virginia.

Right click on THIS WEBSITE to find your local county registrar. This website will have contact information, an address, and hours for early voting in your locality. Some county registrars will have additional satellite voting locations in larger localities so it may be a good idea to call and ask if there is an even more convenient location to vote. Voting early and in person is exactly the same as on election day just with fewer polling places than election day. The check in and balloting process is exactly the same. I am hearing reports that the lines can be long in these first couple days as many Virginians are joining us to vote early this Fall. We know the socialist liberals will turn out their voters this Fall, but we need to make sure our like-minded friends turn out to vote in big numbers. We need to ensure a fair election where all registered voters have their voice heard. PLEASE forward this email to all of your friends? Can you think of any friends who vote like you do and need to know where they can vote in person this Fall? This sacred right is too important to trust that the Post Office will get your ballot in on time. Join me now to vote IN PERSON here in Virginia!

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