VCDL has released the General Assembly Voting Record for 2021!

VCDL has tallied the legislative voting records for the 2021 General Assembly session.

The top legislators for 2021 are Republican Senator Mark Obenshain in the Senate and Republican Delegate Glen Davis in the House! Congratulations and a heartfelt thanks to both of them for guarding our rights!

Senator Obenshain edged out Senator Mark Peake by carrying a bill for VCDL (to exempt CHP holders from local gun-control). Delegate Davis edged out Delegate Amanda Batten for the same reason.

The more chances a legislator has to vote on a gun bill, and if they vote correctly, the higher their score. Both Senator Obenshain and Delegate Davis were on key committees and subcommittees that heard gun bills this year. While a legislator on a key committee has a chance for a higher overall score than those not on such a committee, he also has more chances where he could vote wrong, so it balances out.

Every Republican in the Senate but one, Senator Tommy Norment, had a 100% pro-2A score. Senator Norment had an 86% score. Not bad, but also not what it should have been.

The highest Democrat in the Senate was Senator Lynwood Lewis with a pathetic 19% score. In the House, every Republican except one, Delegate Coyner, had a 100% pro-2A score. Delegate Coyner had an 81% score. Again, not bad, but also not what it should have been. In the House, the highest Democrat also had a 100% score – Delegate Roslyn Tyler! She had an 87% voting record last year.

The second highest Democrat in the House was Lee Carter with 50%, then the score drops to Joshua Cole with 29% in third place. 23 legislators, 13 House Democrats and 10 Senate Democrats, had a score of 0%, voting against gun owners on everything. That includes the Speaker of the House, Eileen Filler-Corn.

63 legislators, 18 Senate Republicans and 45 House Republicans and one Democrat (Tyler), had a score of 100%, standing solidly with gun owners and our right to keep and bear arms.

With the one exception of Delegate Tyler, the worst Republican in each body handily outscored the best Democrat. I can’t begin to tell you how disappointing that is. Both parties should be supporting our civil rights 100%, but that’s not the case.

The House, the Governor, the Lt. Governor, and the Attorney General positions are all up for grabs this November 2. If we want our rights protected, all gun owners had best be politically active and vote on that date. Make sure friends and family are aware of that upcoming election and the importance of voting on that date. If one of the positions doesn’t have any decent candidates running, then write in a name in protest.

Here is a link to VCDL’s 2021 General Assembly Voting Score for legislators:

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