About a month back we had alerted you that Northam's Gun Ban could come back in August, and now it is looking like it will happen - unless we ALL stop it. Capitalizing on his current high rating with his base, Northam is trying to resurrect House Bill 961, and we need to stop him. If you remember, House Bill 961 was 'carried over' back in the 2020 Legislative Session, stopping it from passing earlier this year, due to you. On a press call with radical anti-gun nuts, Northam pledged to continue to fight for gun control legislation. "I will not stop and that piece of legislation will be introduced again to ban assault weapons [from] our streets,” said Northam. Just a few months ago, thank to all of our phone calls. that bill was stopped in the Judiciary Committee with the votes of quite a few Democrats.  I have heard time and gain that we could defeat any future gun bans in court. That is a lie. The truth be told, Virginia is in the 4th Circuit Court.  Maryland is also in the 4th Circuit and the tyrannical Maryland Gun Ban was upheld by the 4th Circuit! And then the Supreme Court has refused, I repeat, refused to even here a single pro gun case. Waiting on a politician or a judge to save our right to keep and bear arms will only lead to defeat.  Instead, it is up to each of you to take action today and stop any attempt to push through Northam's Gun Ban. It is VITAL that each of you ACT today to stop Northam from building another special session to gut the 2nd Amendment.

It is extremely vital that we get State Senators and Delegates on record RIGHT NOW so that Northam knows he does not have the votes needed to ram through his ban on semi-automatic firearms with standard capacity magazines. With the riots in the streets and the police standing down, not to mention Northam releasing criminals into the population, any vote to rip away firearms from law-abiding citizens MUST be stopped.

Savvy politicians will say there is no plans for a special session to pass any gun ban, but do not believe that, as we all know politicians are not the most truthful or trustworthy - especially the gun grabbing kind.

What is true, however, is that politicians fear large numbers of angry voters, and this is where you come in. Watching as conservatives beginning to sweep elections across Virginia, Northam is slamming through his anti-gun agenda as fast as he can because he knows in 2021, we are going to go our best to send the Richmond radicals packing and we will do our best to get AMANDA CHASE elected to replace him. I am asking all of you to help us stop Northam's plans for a Special Session in August to further destroy our right to keep and bear arms. You MUST call the state senators and demand they oppose any future gun control, especially Northam's Gun Ban. It's working as they no longer answer the phone with a live person so you must leave a recording.


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