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The WAR on gun owners! (VCDL REPRINT)

VCDL Legislative Update for votes taken on gun bills Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of last week (1/31/24 – 2/2/24)

The Democrat legislators’ war on lawful gun owners continued last week.  It is absolutely an all-out war.

So far, there is not even one Democrat in either the House or the Senate who does not support every single bill that negatively affects lawful gun owners.  In fact, only Democrats have put in such bills.

I’ve never seen anything like this in all the years I have been lobbying for VCDL.  47 gun-control bills could all land on Governor Youngkin’s desk!  It’s rare to see more than 3 or 4 gun-bills do so.

Constitutionality or other serious issues with the gun-control bills are ignored.  Testifying in front of the full House Public Safety committee last Friday, I said they need to put up a sign that says, “Caution: You are entering a Constitution-Free Zone.”

Republican bills, that would strengthen penalties on criminals who repeatedly misuse firearms to commit violent crimes, were unanimously voted down by Democrat legislators in committees.  Gun control groups also spoke against the bills.  For such groups, crime is the excuse they depend on to attack our gun rights.  Their intent is clearly civilian disarmament, not a reduction of crime.

Here is a video that shows the gun-controllers supporting criminals over law-abiding gun owners in the Senate Courts of Justice committee:

Every gun-rights bill introduced by Republicans, no matter how mild, were voted down unanimously by Democrats.

So, the Democrats and gun-control groups don’t want to punish criminals for their evil deeds.  No, the Democrats and gun-control groups want to punish YOU instead.  YOU are the “wrong hands” they talk about that aren’t supposed to have access to firearms!

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