THANKS to all who helped stop HB-961! Keep it up!!!

The 2A Movement has received its first major win as Governor Northam's push for an, "Assault Weapon" ban has failed in the Senate!

Originally starting out as Senate Bill 16, Governor Northam had pushed law makers into passing a bill that would make it a felony to possess so called, "Assault Weapons" and standard capacity magazines.

This bill was withdrawn in favor of House Bill 961, which required registration of the banned weapons, and later a grandfather clause, but still banned sale of the guns.

These bills sparked outrage among citizens, motivating them to urge their County Board of Supervisors to pass 2A Sanctuary Resolutions across the state. 91 Counties, 15 Cities and 22 Towns passed 2A resolutions, affirming their commitment to uphold the 2nd Amendment. This sent a message to Richmond that Virginia did NOT support any laws that infringe on our right to keep and bear arms.

Nevertheless, Democrats have the majority in both the House and Senate, and with a Governor who badly needed a win on gun control after Bloomberg poured millions of dollars into Virginia's elections in November, the road seemed clear for the Left to pass any gun control bills they desired.

The problem was, the Democrats overplayed their hand.

Instead of boiling the frog like California and New Jersey, they attempted to eat it raw.

On January 20th, tens of thousands of citizens showed up in Richmond to protest the gun control laws. At the top of their list was HB 961.

Every day Delegates and Senators would receive hundreds of phone calls expressing outrage at any political who supported the bill. The pressure worked!

After narrowly passing the House, a watered down version of HB 961 made its way over to the Senate's committee where it failed to pass with 4 Democrats siding with Republicans to kill the bill.

Moderate Democrats John Edwards (Roanoke), Creigh Deeds (Charlottesville), Scott Surovell (Fairfax) and Chap Petersen (Fairfax) voted with Republicans on the committee.

The room was packed with 2A advocates, who have been showing up for weeks, sitting in on committees dealing with anti-2A bills to dial up the pressure. After the bill failed, cheers filled the room, as the 2A Movement scores its first major success in Virginia.

The bill has been sent to the state crime commission to research its effects of the bill, and will not be up for a vote this year.

This gives the 2A Movement time to strengthen and organize, which is happening all across the state as the VCDL reports record growth, new PACs such as the Second Amendment Alliance are formed and new tools such as 2A*C3 help coordination grassroots activity across the state.

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