Terry McAuliffe Claims ‘Public Health Crisis,’ Pushes More Gun Control for Virginia!


Democrat gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe is framing firearm crime as a “public health crisis” and wants more gun control for Virginia.

McAuliffe’s campaign website suggests that he plans to declare the “crisis,” then pass controls to fight it. 13NewsNow reported that McAuliffe’s array of gun controls would include a ban on “assault weapons,” “high capacity” magazines, and “ghost guns.”

McAuliffe also wants to erect a “Virginia Office of Gun Violence Prevention,” which can be used to pursue other controls. Breitbart News reported that numerous Virginia counties and municipalities declared themselves Second Amendment Sanctuaries after Democrats won control of the state legislature during the November 5, 2019 elections. The incoming Democrat lawmakers pledged more gun control, and by January 7, 2020, 118 local governments in Virginia had made such 2A declarations.

The Democrat lawmakers went on to pass numerous gun control bills, many of which Gov. Ralph Northam (D) signed into law.

McAuliffe’s campaign website quotes him making clear he plans to continue pursuing more controls: We have made great strides in recent years to combat gun violence and strengthen Virginia’s laws, now is the time to boldly confront and end this epidemic once and for all. I have never been afraid to stand up to the NRA, and that won’t change now.

On September 16, 2021, CNN noted that Mike Bloomberg-backed Everytown for Gun Safety pledged to spend “roughly $1 million into its efforts to elect Democrat Terry McAuliffe.”


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