Start getting voters lined up now!

Was asked, if Biden / Harris wins, would there be tougher gun laws? Yes. I'm almost sure that there will be much tougher laws passed or laws via Executive Order! Even if Biden can't function, Harris is determined to ban a lot of your guns also!

One of the things on Biden’s website is that he intends to make “assault weapons” and “high capacity magazines” NFA items. The 1968 GCA says the ATF gets to decide if something is “sporting” or not, and can add weapons to the list without Congressional approval. They did this years ago with the Street Sweeper.

So, Biden can sign an Executive Order telling the ATF to do so. His website says there’s an amnesty period during which you can jump through the NFA paperwork and pay the $200 tax per item (gun, each magazine, etc.). Do you have an AR-15 and 4 magazines? That’s a $1,000 tax, plus fingerprinting 5 times, plus 5 passport photos, plus getting your sheriff's office to sign off 5 times on the paperwork.

By the way, you won’t be able to take NFA across state lines without ATF permission. You can’t sell it without their permission. You will have to allow the ATF into your home at any time for them to inspect your storage.

If you have, for example, a $400 Taurus 9mm handgun and the two 15 round magazines it came with, you need to pay a $400 tax on the two magazines. Or you can sell it to the government at what the government considers “fair market value”! Failure to comply is ten years in prison and a $10k fine… per item.

If you decide to sell it to a gun shop because you’ve been out of work from COVID-19 or whatever hardship and you need money quickly? Another $200 tax per item… and the ATF approval takes about 6 months.