I received the following email and it's very important and I'm forwarding it to you.


Good morning, I will be brief. Our campaign has a crucial end of month fundraising goal. We need to raise $25,367 to keep pace with Terry McAuliffe’s special interest money machine. Liberal retread Terry McAuliffe is raising millions of corrupt special interests money to, in his own words, “change our state forever.” If he is elected, the socialist Democrats’ top goal is to turn anyone who owns an “assault rifle” a felon.  We will never match Terry dollar for dollar, I won’t take special interest money or from criminals like Harvey Weinstein (a huge T-Mac donor), we need enough to spread our message across the state. This is why our fundraising goal is so crucial. If you can help us AT ALL, please join usm, other firearms owners and do so. Every bit helps.

Together we can take back Virginia! For God and Virginia,

Senator Amanda Chase

(Per Rick, here is the link to donate if you can and whatever you can. She's the only candidate for VA governor who is absolutely fighting for us!

Please copy and past into your browser's address bar. Many thanks.)

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