Minutemen, And so it begins, the 2021 Legislative Session is already upon us, and our liberty and property is once again at risk. in both the 2020 General Session and the 2020 Special, you the members of the Virginia Minutemen stopped the gun grabbers in their tracks and defeated Northam's Gun Ban. But here it comes again. Remember, House Bill 961 was only carried over to 2021, not killed. This means by a simple majority vote in the State Senate Judiciary Committee, Northam's Gun Ban will be on it's way to pass....unless you stop it. Here is the deal, just like last year, 5, just 5 State Senators can prevent HB961 (Northam's Gun Ban) from passing. So maximum pressure must be put on those 5 State Senators to demand they vote against HB 961 in any form! Sources continue to tell me that so called 'conservatives' are working to make the bill, well, if it can be said, better. The fact is, making it better actually helps it pass! I wrote an article about this last spring, and you can read it again by clicking here. So we simply cannot allow that to happen. Here are some vital actions you need to take right now to Stop the Gun Ban-

  • -First, encourage any and all like minded friends to join the Minuteman Program to become part of our fast response team and commit to calling specific political targets as soon as we can get the word out. They can join by clicking on this link. Being frank, the more Minutemen we have, the more pressure we can create and at the same time more ammunition for the fight.

  • Second, I need the Minutemen to call, every single week, the following State Senators and tell them they must vote against House Bill 961, in any form, no matter how it is amended-Senator John Edwards-D-21- 540-985-8690 Senator Creigh Deeds-D-25-434-296-5491 Senator Lynwood Lewis-D-6-757-787-1094 Senator Chap Petersen- D-34- 703-349-3361 Senator Emmett Hanger- R-24- 540-885-6898 Next, I need you to call the following so called 'conservatives, and tell them a vote to amend House Bill 961, to make it better, is a vote to help it pass- Senator Emmett Hanger (R-24)- 804-698-7524 Senator Siobhan Dunnavant (R-12)- 804-698-7512 And especially Senator Tommy Norment (R-3)- 804-698-7503

  • And finally, we need more ammo! Over the past year VCC has spent over $121,000 fighting to stop the Gun Ban. As a State PAC, that is a tremendous amount of money to fight ONE BILL. But this I know, we are going to need even more donations to stop it in 2021. You see, donations are ammunition in politics. And if you run out of ammo in a firefight, you lose. It is that simple. So I am asking you to talk to your friends and family and encourage them to help fund the fight. Many people do not have the time you do, and are not able to drop everything and swing into action. But those people also want to help, and this is how they do it. Tell them to click on this link and donate whatever they can so that, in the middle of the battle, our gun does not go 'click'. Because that is the scariest sound anyone can ever hear, as your ammo is all gone. I cannot stress how important it is that we refill our ammo chests, because an even harder battle is coming in 2021. Let us fight and win by urging others to donate whatever they can at this link.

There is a lot more to come. As the Minuteman Program has grown by leaps and bounds, we are going to assign one team member to help me manage the program and work for each of you. I am working on that right now. Also, just so you know, here at VCC we are going to launch a special team, one whose whole job in life is to fight to restore the 2nd Amendment in Virginia. Over the past 8 months we have sent our staff to numerous trainings, including 3- Day advanced schools as well as the 5-Day National Class. All with one goal in mind- the be the most effective grassroots organization in the Commonwealth. To that end, shortly we will be announcing the Virginia Gun Rights Task Force. This will be a team of our most highly trained and effective grassroots leaders. For not only are we going to Stop Northam's Gun Ban, we are going to work to repeal every single anti-gun piece of legislation passed in 2020 and then move forward to not only pass Constitutional Carry, but also a ban on every single new Federal Anti-Gun Bill from Washington DC. Many other states have already done so, and we are going to join the ranks of the most gun friendly states in the Republic. There is a lot of work to do, but this I know, without your help, we will lose. So I am asking you, will you once again be counted and stand and fight with us?

In Liberty,

S. Chris Anders


Virginia Constitutional Conservatives

PS- This will be a long and hard effort, but we will never give up the fight. We are working to mobilize fellow conservatives all over Virginia, but without your donations, I am afraid we will not succeed. As I type this, we are sending out thousands of emails and preparing to launch calls all over Virginia, but that costs money. As an all volunteer organization, we rely on your donations to fight and win. Will you click here and donate whatever you can to help us? Liberty is a road we all rise to meet. Will I see you there?

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Thank you for Joining our Minuteman Project

Our mailing address is:

Acton Advocacy Group11293 allium lane Lovettsville, VA 20180

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