Minutemen, And so it begins, the 2021 Legislative Session is already upon us, and our liberty and property is once again at risk. in both the 2020 General Session and the 2020 Special, you the members of the Virginia Minutemen stopped the gun grabbers in their tracks and defeated Northam's Gun Ban. But here it comes again. Remember, House Bill 961 was only carried over to 2021, not killed. This means by a simple majority vote in the State Senate Judiciary Committee, Northam's Gun Ban will be on it's way to pass....unless you stop it. Here is the deal, just like last year, 5, just 5 State Senators can prevent HB961 (Northam's Gun Ban) from passing. So maximum pressure must be put on those 5 State Senators to demand they vote against HB 961 in any form! Sources continue to tell me that so called 'conservatives' are working to make the bill, well, if it can be said, better. The fact is, making it better actually helps it pass! I wrote an article about this last spring, and you can read it again by clicking here. So we simply cannot allow that to happen. Here are some vital actions you need to take right now to Stop the Gun Ban-

  • -First, encourage any and all like minded friends to join the Minuteman Program to become part of our fast response team and commit to calling specific political targets as soon as we can get the word out. They can join by clicking on this link. Being frank, the more Minutemen we have, the more pressure we can create and at the same time more ammunition for the fight.