Caught with their hand in the cookie jar or a mistake? Dominion Energy claims mistake. Could have been a wink-and-a-nod. We don’t know, but it sure seems suspicious that Dominion Energy would hand off $200,000 [to an anti-firearm PAC] without any idea of how it was going to be used.

I have learned that gun owners absolutely inundated Dominion Energy with unhappy calls and emails yesterday! Dominion Energy was taken totally by surprise with the volume of calls. Not just customers, but shareholders were angry, too. A few hours into the merciless pounding, Dominion Energy made a statement saying that they have asked to have their donation returned.

Now it’s up to VCDL to try to clean up Dominion Energy’s mess.

We’ll start by at least giving everyone a chance to listen to McAuliffe and Youngkin speaking on guns:

Here is McAuliffe: