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I knew this was happening in "swing" states, but I just found out they are doing it in Virginia:

This morning I heard a political ad against Delegate Nick Frietas on WRVA in Richmond.  Nick is running against anti-gun incumbent Abigale Spanberger for Virginia's 7th Congressional District.  Nick is very pro-2A.

The ad was about healthcare.  What got my attention was at the end of the ad, the voiceover said the ad was sponsored by the BradyPAC.

I almost wrecked my car.

That is the Brady Campaign, whose sole existence is to take away our gun rights.  Not a word about guns in that ad.  Not a word.  It was all about healthcare.  

In fact the only political ad I have heard dealing with guns was this afternoon, but it was a pro-Frietas ad run by Gun Owners of America.  (VCDL does not have a Federal PAC yet, so it can't run such ads.)

That silence on gun-control isn't an accident, folks.

This backs up what I have been saying for a while.  The gun controllers are scared to death of gun-owners voting!  They saw the eye-popping Second Amendment Sanctuary movement and the historic Lobby Day attendance in January.  They know that they woke a powerful, sleeping giant and they desperately want that giant to go back to sleep, as they seek to strip us of our guns through backdoor political-ads.

It also tells me that they are viewing Virginia as a swing state.

We can change history now and next year.  Gun owners, we had best vote, everyone of us, and vote for our gun rights and nothing else.  Vote pro-gun at every level that you can (some areas have local races and others don't).  If Virginia is indeed a swing state, then let's start swinging!

Here's an article on the antis' stealth tactics.  It's not just the Bradys, it is all of the gun-control groups: Everytown, Giffords, etc.:

‘Everytown’ Terrified of Own Message in Swing States? NRA Says ‘Yes’

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One more item on Biden's anti-gun agenda.  His plan, if he wins, is to outlaw online purchases of guns, ammunition, gun kits, and gun parts.  Gun parts?  That could potentially be such things as holsters, night sights, and repair parts (springs, screws, pins, etc.)!

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