Please Tell Your Representative to Oppose Gun Control!

The House Judiciary Committee just passed H.R. 1808, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2021 and H.R. 2814, the Equal Access to Justice for Victims of Gun Violence Act, sending them to the House floor as soon as next week. Both of these bills would attack the fundamental 2nd Amendment rights of law-abiding Americans across the country. H.R.1808 would ban the importation, manufacture, sale, transfer, or possession of nearly all commonly owned semi-automatic firearms as well as banning any standard capacity magazine with a capacity of over 15 rounds. This bill is a clear violation of the Second Amendment and does nothing to protect Americans from the rising levels of violent crime seen across the nation. H.R. 2814 would repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA), a bipartisan law enacted in 2005 to protect the firearms industry from frivolous and politically-motivated lawsuits aimed at bankrupting the firearms industry, and therefore eliminating law-abiding Americans' access to the means of self-defense. The legislation would also allow for the disclosure of gun trace data in civil lawsuits; such trace information is relatively useless for legitimate civil actions, and would be used merely for inflammatory and political purposes. Please contact your U.S. Representative TODAY and urge them to oppose Federal gun control legislation and to protect the 2nd Amendment.

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