Our next governor - we hope! Will you please help us get her into office?

Dear Rick, I’m a mom and a former small business owner. I know the challenges that families and businesses are facing in these challenging times. As a Virginia State Senator, I hear first-hand the problems many of those that I represent are trying to deal with everyday. I am also someone who is willing to get involved when I see things that are not right. And I don’t agree with a lot of the things that the liberal Democrats in Virginia are trying to do to “Protect Us.” For example, I carry a Sig Sauer P365 in a custom holder. It’s a deterrent. It’s for my personal safety. When an emergency strikes, I’m not going to be caught unprepared or with my guard down. Every woman and man in Virginia should have the right to protect themselves wherever they go and whatever they do. I’m one of tens of thousands here in the Commonwealth who carry a gun. Guns Save Lives. I am also appalled at the way the Democrats have allowed the extremist and left-wing faction of their party to slowly but steadily try to erase our history. It’s insulting! We need real leaders who are ready and willing to stand up and defend what made our state great … and who will stop the madness that is taking place here in Virginia. That is why earlier this year I announced my decision to run for Governor. Since then I’ve learned that I’m the first woman to seek Virginia’s highest executive office in our commonwealth’s long distinguished history … and to that I say: It’s about time. My reason for running can be summed up in five words. I can’t take it anymore! Governor Ralph Northam is term-limited. Good. We will be electing a new Governor next November! The bad news … every one of the Democrat candidates who are considering running for this important office are worse than he is. They are all extreme socialists, and none of them will do anything to stop the extremist's efforts to cause chaos in our state. They will endorse stripping law-abiding Virginians of their Second Amendment Rights. They’ll continue to turn a blind eye to the looters and arsonists who have created mayhem, and they will let the statue vandals run wild in our streets. The Left Wing Mob is their base and of course, they want to defund the police. They are eager to push new gun control measures, increase our taxes, create more red tape regulations, embrace the left-wing Green New Deal and destroy the coal industry, push for socialized medicine and welcome every other idiotic socialist idea under the sun. With your help, I’ll fight them with everything I’ve got. I’m not a politician. I’m a mom. I’m a Christian conservative and a Republican. The Radicals who the Democrats want to run Virginia don’t care about the impact their efforts have on real people. I get it because I live it. Nearly nine million Virginians have been neglected, ignored, abandoned and betrayed. It’s time for We the People to rise up and take charge. With your generous help, I’ll win this race. Without it, I don’t stand a chance. So please, in the interest of your Second Amendment Rights and your pursuit of limited government, free enterprise, personal freedom and individual responsibility … Write your personal check to our grassroots campaign today. Your contribution will be put to work immediately in our winning campaign. New leadership is urgently needed here in Virginia … so let’s work together to make that happen. It’s time for us to take back control of our state. You have so much power when you act! Your generous support of my campaign for Governor will lead us to an exciting victory. I am the underdog because I refuse to be bought and paid for by the insider lobbyists, but I will be unstoppable with your help! Virginians need us. This is our moment. Please join our movement be a member of a team that will restore common sense to the Governor’s office. Respectfully yours, Amanda Chase Conservative Republican Senator for Virginia P.S. Your contribution will be invested in the best conservative-inspired grassroots organization Virginians have ever seen. We’ll deliver our pro-Second Amendment message door-to-door, at gun clubs and veteran’s halls. We won’t back down from a single challenge. Virginia has suffered under weak leadership TOO LONG. Let’s set things right. Your personal commitment to our campaign will get it done. Quick Link: https://secure.anedot.com/chase-for-governor/cc469de422a59ae4a7078

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