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NRA Celebrates Wild Game Meat Donation Month in November - LET'S HELP OUT OTHERS!

This November, the National Rifle Association of America and its members will celebrate the first ever Wild Game Meat Donation Month to encourage all hunters to donate extra venison or other game meat to help provide meals for those in need. Giving and sharing are always in season, and November is the perfect time to do your part by donating to organizations who distribute high protein game meat to the less fortunate in your area.

''The NRA is excited to spearhead the first ever Wild Game Meat Donation Month,'' said Joseph P. De Bergalis, Jr., Executive Director of NRA General Operations. ''We implore other conservation groups to help celebrate the hardworking network of Hunters for the Hungry organizations around America by spreading the word and asking their members to donate legally harvest wild game meat to processors and food banks in their communities.''

Recently completed surveys and research funded by the NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum show that if you are a member of a conservation organization, you are three times more likely to donate to a Hunters for the Hungry organization. In 2022, many of the processors in the Hunters for the Hungry network did not receive enough donations to complete their missions. If you are fortunate to live in an area that has a plethora of whitetail tags, you can help game populations stay healthy by harvesting an extra doe and donating it to a network in your area.

To learn more about Wild Game Meat Donation Month, please visit There you will find logos to use for social media promotion and tools to help you create your own content. For questions or to learn more about this initiative, please contact Peter Churchbourne, Director of the NRA Hunters' Leadership Forum, at

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