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Due to recent inquiries, and with the significant rise in firearm ownership, we are developing a firearms safety class for youngsters!

It is a one day class and will be called CHILDREN'S FIREARMS & SAFETY FUNDAMENTALS, It is given through the USCCA, and a take home text will be included so as to provide continual training and reference.

We will obviously focus very heavily on firearm safety as well as offering a low key and SAFE introduction into the world of firearms. This will have a live fire session with .22 rifles and/or handguns. A parent MUST be present for the entire course of instruction!

If you think that you, your family and/or club would like to set up and/or receive this valuable and important training for youngsters AND their parent(s), please email with your contact information. If there is sufficient interest, we will set up range dates.

Thanks and STAY SAFE!

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