National Train a Teacher Day = 2022

  1. 5thAnnualNATIONAL TRAIN A TEACHER DAY - 6/18/2022


  3. Local Volunteer Instructor: RICK LAUGHLIN of FIREARMS & SAFETY TRAINING

  4. (888) 848-6723

  5. In response to mass murder events, firearm safety and defensive trainers, instructors, and coaches from all across the United States have come together as a unified front to offer training free of charge to teacher, school administrators, school staff, and those that work with youth in a leadership capacity (athletic coaches, Sunday school, clergy, religious leaders). Saturday, June18th, 2022 is declared to be the 5th Annual National Train A Teacher Day. The National Train A Teacher Day movement began shortly after the Parkland tragedy.

  6. In 2020 and 2021millions of Americans purchased a firearm for the first time, many of these Americans are teachers, school staff, administrators and youth leaders. “We are eager for the opportunity to help these people not only be responsibly armed but also ‘Well-Regulated’ and trained as their own defenders”, said, Klint Macro, NTATD Co-Founder.

  7. The overall purpose of NTATD is to empower those who are entrusted with the care and education of our children and to give them the insight, knowledge, and skills to perhaps act instead of react, so that they can save lives.

  8. We encourage teachers, school staff, administrators, and youth leaders to look at what's available in their area and take advantage of this educational opportunity.

  9. For more information and to connect with a trainer, visit the National Train A Teacher Day website at

  10. Let us ALL work together to educate, empower, and protect.

  11. LOCAL Courses Offered by Rick Laughlin -

  12. Class Times: 10:00-4:00

  13. Class Location: Blue Ridge Shooter's Club

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