National CCW Recriprocity

We have an important update for you regarding national concealed carry reciprocity legislation, though it’s not the update we wanted to shar

It has been over three months since the commonsense HR 38 was introduced in Congress, yet the anti-gun House of Representatives has stalled its progress. The bill hasn’t even received a hearing yet!

We know that your freedom to protect your family matters more than anything. That’s why we’re pushing for movement on this legislation each and every day.

While we think national concealed carry reciprocity is a commonsense solution worthy of the fast-track through Congress, not everyone does. It’s going to take a huge wave of support to make any progress in Congress.

That’s why we’re coming to you. We need to show Washington that the American people believe that NOW is the time for a hearing on HR 38.

The fundamental right to protect oneself and one’s family appeals to ALL Americans and cuts through party lines.

Click here to sign the petition immediately to make your voice heard.

This isn’t about politics – this is about spurring action on legislation that we all know will save lives.

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