Join the VCDL 2022 Lobby Day!!!

Virginia Citizens Defense League

Defending Your Right to Defend Yourself

VCDL 2022 Lobby Day – We Need You There!

The General Assembly is starting in 9 short days (January 12) and Lobby Day is only TWO WEEKS away (January 17)!

We are going to have a fight on our hands repealing the gun control that was passed in 2020 and 2021 by Democrat legislators.

A large turnout by gun owners will send a strong and important message to the General Assembly that we want our right to keep and bear arms restored and protected! No local gun-control! No gun prohibitions in rest areas, the General Assembly, DMV, or ABC stores!

The gun bills that VCDL has requested are being introduced. Not only will there be bills to repeal existing gun-control laws, but there will be bills for things like Constitutional Carry!

Lobby Day Information Is Now on the VCDL Website

The VCDL website has a landing page for VCDL 2022 Lobby Day, which has information about buses (including making reservations), procedures before and during Lobby Day, pre-Lobby Day dinner, parking, food, a list of guest speakers who we will be streaming on Lobby Day, and more. The landing page will be updated as new and updated information becomes available.

You can find the landing page on the VCDL main page under “Legislative Initiatives”. Click on “New! VCDL 2022 Lobby Day Information”.

Here is a direct link for your convenience:

Please post that link far and wide on social media, chat groups, etc.!

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