THIS IS AN EXTTEMELY CRITICAL ELECTION!!! For those who haven't voted yet, let's make Tuesday, October 27, a "Gun owners vote early and in person" day!  

Hopefully a lot of other gun owners will be in line with you!

Be sure to vote on all races.  Even city councils, Board of Supervisors, and town councils are now critical since they can all implement local gun-control.

Go to your local registrar's office and vote in person.  Carrying concealed with a CHP is legal at most registrar's offices as long as that office is not in an otherwise prohibited location, such as a school, courthouse, or local government building if your locality has banned guns there (Arlington County, Alexandria, Fairfax County, Falls Church, Charlottesville, and Richmond).

If you can't vote on that date, just vote whenever you can.  Election day is Tuesday, November 3.

Voting "Yes" on Referendum #1 helps minimize gerrymandering and will help protect our rights.