Do Not Fall For This Political Scam In Virginia

Updated: Oct 20

In Virginia, some ads are running slamming Glenn Youngkin for an “insufficient” commitment to supporting our Second Amendment rights. Normal political stuff, right? Well, the timing is downright odd. Quite frankly, Second Amendment supporters should be suspicious about it.

When someone is running ads slamming Youngkin for being insufficiently supportive of Second Amendment rights in a general election campaign, they’re trying to get Second Amendment supporters to sit out the Virginia gubernatorial election – or vote third party. Those actions would help Terry McAuliffe’s campaign, which is not doing so hot lately.

McAuliffe’s fortunes have declined with those of Joe Biden. And how is Biden doing? Don’t just trust the polls that show him dropping – just look at and listen to the colorful chants that have been heard at various sporting events. McAuliffe’s being dragged down. In addition, there are trends that are not turning out in favor of anti-Second Amendment extremists as well.