Combat false narrative

How to Combat the Fake Unity Call

The way to combat anyone’s false narrative is several-fold:

  1. Start reading and learning about early American history. If Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson agreed, America would look very different today.

  2. Understand that the Left isn’t interested in unity or agreement. They are interested in power.

  3. Don’t take the bait and get emotional. Conservatives can overcome baiting with intellectual thought coupled with sharing examples from real life. It’s good to challenge and be challenged with those who are willing to engage. However, it’s a waste of time to convince people. Our goal isn’t to convince. It’s to persuade.

  4. Finally, be involved in the political process. Write, email, and call your elected lawmakers. Volunteer to help candidates you believe in or donate money. Consider running for office – even if it’s for the school board or another local position.

Unity isn’t unity for the sake of getting along. It’s manipulation. Instead of accepting it, get involved and find your place to contribute. America is built on an informed, involved electorate. Politicians are all scared of one thing — voters. When we learn we have the power as the “People” through our vote and voice, that’s when the divisiveness ends.

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