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BREAKING:  U.S. Supreme Court has just struck down the bump stock ban!


BREAKING:  U.S. Supreme Court has just struck down the bump stock ban!


When Donald Trump was President, he created a real mess for gun owners by telling the BATFE to find a way to ban bump stocks.  This was in response to a massacre in Las Vegas (that massacre seems to have fallen into an informational black hole – all kinds of questions swirled around that event, but the police and government remain tight lipped).


VCDL and GOA filed suit against the ban when it was put in place, not because we loved bump stocks, but because the BATFE had overstepped its authority by making law.  As we feared back then, the BATFE would just continue making law as long as they could get away with it.  The pistol brace ban, which was just struck down, proved our fears correct.


Justice Alito concurring opinion was greatly disappointing as he told Congress they should pass a bump stock ban to make such a thing legal going forward.  I don’t think such a ban would pass the Bruen test.  There were no bans on weapons in 1791 based on how fast they could be shot.






VCDL lawyer John Pierce has posted this on the bump stock ban being struck down:

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