The VCDL Shifts Gears for 2021 Lobby Day Rally

The Virginia Citizens Defense League, who hosted more than 25,000 firearm-toting citizens last January at the Richmond Statehouse — an event that electrified the 2A nation — has come up with an even more dynamic plan for their 2021 Lobby Day scheduled for January 18.

VCDL leaders are detouring away from a 17-year tradition of open carry assembly and speechmaking at the foot of historic the Bell Tower on the Capitol grounds in Richmond, and will instead organize Second Amendment 2A Rolling Thunder caravans to converge on the city from all four corners of the Old Dominion on January 18. Under the hashtag #Rolling4the2a, the plan is modeled on the the horn-blowing, banner-waving “Trump Train“ vehicle caravans that were so prominently featured on cable news coverage over the last year. Once in Richmond, gun rights supporters will have choices: stay in the vehicles and continue in “parade mode,” or hop out of their vehicles and openly carry their firearms on their afternoon walks in the city, all while the caravan drivers continue to circulate with flags and banners around the Statehouse district.

The VCDL says the departure times and progress of the four #Rolling4the2a bus-and-vehicle caravans on Lobby Day will be posted on social media so that participants can link up with procession on the way to Richmond.