Ready to improve your shooting or just to learn HOW to fire a firearm?  Just like many other skills, practice makes perfect!  Range time is meant for you to use your firearm in a relaxed - but SAFE - live setting and to ensure that you know the proper way for care for and clean your firearm afterwards.  Also, learn good safety practices when handling a firearm.

For $50/hour, you can come practice with a firearm to improve your familiarity whether it's one on one, a family, or a small group setting with a certified instructor and Range Safety Officer.  Additional hours can be added at the range, based on range availability.  Call us for range availability dates at (888) 848-6723.

Students should bring their UNLOADED and cased firearm, 2 magazines for a semi-automatic and 1-2 speed loaders (if using a revolver), the firearm owner’s manual, the holster that you plan to wear, and 50-100 rounds of ammunition.  Eye and hearing protection in mandatory at all times while attending a live fire event.

Some firearms may be available for rent with prior arrangement if the student has none.  Students will need to purchase the ammo at the range or bring their own.  Ammunition cost depends on the caliber selected.