Firearms & Safety Training of Virginia (FSTVA) has progressed to become one of the leading schools of its kind. FSTVA emerged as Rick Laughlin, founder of FSTVA, knew it was imperative for his wife to take a concealed carry class in the event she was pulled over and found with Rick's loaded gun in the vehicle.  However, the class experience for her was terrible and she was uncomfortable.  Thus, FSTVA's mission evolved to offer RELAXED and SAFE programs for firearm and personal safety training for all.  Whether you are an individual, a social group, a club, a family, a youth group,a business or prefer a "Women Only" class, we have an option for you!  Our goal is to give our students the skills, experience and confidence they need in order to become safe and responsibly armed citizens. Our programs are flexible and our teachers are the best in their field. 



We offer the following classes and services:

  • VIRGINIA Concealed Carry (Needed for a VA CCW license)

  • UTAH Concealed Carry (Needed for a VA CCW license)

  • MARYLAND License to Carry (Needed for a MD CCW license

  • WASHINGTON, DC Concealed Carry (Needed for a DC CCW license)

  • ILLINOIS Concealed Carry (Needed for an IL CCW license)

  • Concealed Carry & Home Defense

  • Top 10 Concealed Carry Mistakes

  • Home Security & Home Defense

  • Developing a Personal Protection Plan

  • Gun Shop & Range Etiquette

  • Gun Laws & You

  • Selecting the Right Firearm for You

  • Church / business security

  • Active shooter presentation

  • Rifle Class

  • Shotgun Class

  • First Aid; Blood-borne Pathogens and other health safety classes for individuals, families and businesses.

  • Short public service speeches at no charge regarding the importance of proper training for your business, club, or organization.

  • Other subjects as requested!

Are you ready to roll up your sleeves and learn something new?  Contact us for more information about these classes, and to schedule one today!